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No-one likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but unfortunately they can and do happen.

Most people are happy to insure their car, their home, their boat, but often to forget to insure themselves.

With extensive experience in arranging Life Insurance cover and structuring it in the most tax-effective way, we can help assess your situation to ensure that you have adequate levels of cover in the unfortunate event of Death, TPD, Trauma or illness.

Whether you’re wanting to simply shop around to look for better premiums, review the appropriateness of your current cover, or wanting to take out a new policy, we can help you with your personal insurance needs.

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Life Insurance

We can assist you to apply and review Life, TPD and Trauma Insurance to protect your most important asset – You!

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TPD Insurance

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) occurs when, through illness or accident, you are unable to return to any, or your own usual, occupation.

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Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance (otherwise known as Critical Illness Insurance) provides a lump sum payment if you have experience Critical Illness or Trauma .

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Income Protection

Income Protection insurance helps take the financial pressure off you if you cannot work due to sickness or injury.

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Business Expense Insurance

Like Income Protection, Business Expenses Insurance ensures that in the unfortunate event where you are unable to work, your expenses can continue to be covered.

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