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Would you like a more structured approach to investing?

We offer tailored investment portfolios containing Direct Shares and Term Deposits that are personalised to your risk preference. The implementation of these portfolios is carried out on a weekly basis ensuring that your portfolio risk is minimised and that investments held are suitable to current market conditions.

Portfolios are reviewed on a quarterly basis to realign them with your objectives and ensure that the least amount of risk is taken to achieve your targeted rates of return. Our portfolios are suitable for clients of any age group and can combine the weekly portfolio management service both outside and within super.

The Weekly Portfolio Management Advice and Implementation service starts from $275 per month.

We can provide you with Peace of Mind over your investment portfolio, allowing you to spend time on the other things.

Self Managed Super Funds

Urquhart Sexton Financial Planning also manages and offers three investment portfolios; Conservative, Balanced and Growth.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Would you like more care taken with your investments and that they were reviewed on a more regular basis, rather than set and forget?

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Superannuation and Pensions

We can help assist you with your Superannuation Requirements with comprehensive advice to suit your lifestyle and goals.

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Term Deposits

With access to over 20 Australian Financial Institutions, all in the one place, we can recommend and securely place your Term Deposits at competitive rates.

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Weekly Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolios, within and outside superannuation, can be reviewed on a weekly basis and adapted to changing market conditions, and implemented on your behalf.

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Share Trading

We can help you buy and sell shares on both the ASX and NSXA beginning with a phone call and a simple one page application.

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